Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Night Is Why Living In NYC Is Awesome

So I'm at work around 3PM yesterday and I'm scrolling my Twitter feed like any good employee would do, and I see this tweet..

Usually I leave the office around 430 and am home by about 455, so when I get home I start refreshing my feed frantically like I'm tracking the Boston terrorist bomber..

Ugh, the suspense is killing me Aziz! Another hour bro? Nap time!

I wake up at 559 and keep refreshing my feed until around 603 when he tweets..

"Be sure to drink your Ovaltine". J/K, he actually tweeted..

My roommate runs into my room and is like "let's fuckin' go right fuckin' now" like I was his difficult 7-yr-old son and I was gonna be late for the schoolbus. I think we were out the door by like 607.

We get off the subway and already there's a 60-70 person line outside the place. Tickets are $10 each, and in one of the more pathetic moments for any pair of 25 yr-old men ever, we realize we only have $17 between the two of us. I run to the ATM and grab cash and by the time I get back there are definitely more than 150 people in line. They start off by allowing you to buy 2 tickets per person, but eventually change it to 1 after they realize that allowing 2 was the dumbest thing ever. When my roommate and I finally got tickets, there were about 10-15 spots still available.

The chick who opened went on at around 740 and did about a 10-minute set. I wish I remembered her name because she was awesome but I feel like Googling "female redhead comedian" and sifting through 30 pages of Kathy Griffin results would be a chore. Aziz went on shortly before 8 and stayed on til about 915. That's right, one of the funniest comedians on Earth did over an hour of new material and I got to see it for $10 when a typical Aziz hour special would go for at least $75. It was expectedly (why does this get red squiggly lined but "unexpectedly" doesn't?) hilarious and he clearly tried to make an effort to interact with the crowd in the smallish venue. I mean for $10 though he could have told one joke, pissed on the mic and bounced and I still wouldn't have felt cheated.

That's the best and only pic I took because when a 5'8" 160 pound Indian dude tells you not to take any pictures, you cower in fear and cater to his demands. After the show I went and got some overpriced tacos just to remind myself that I probably shouldn't live here forever.


  1. Absolutely not. I would have remembered her if that's what she looked like. She had long curly hair and a Jane Lynch voice. Her act was very strong.